Steve Jobs’ FBI file: Drugs, bomb threats and deception -

Steve Jobs’ FBI file: Drugs, bomb threats and deception -

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, was highly recommended for a presidential appointment by George H. W. Bush, despite being “deceptive” and “able to twist the truth and distort reality,” according to a 191-page folder released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Thursday under a Freedom of Information Act request from several media outlets.
“Honesty and integrity are not required qualities to hold such a position,” according to the opinion of one person who recommended Jobs for the position, the FBI records state.
The file was gathered as part of 1991 background check to determine his suitability for a presidential appointment to the President’s Export Council.
While, some interviewees expressed qualms about Jobs’ integrity, he was also described as “strong-willed, stubborn, hard-working and driven,” as well as “a visionary.”

The report also notes Jobs’ drug use. He checked off the box saying he hadn’t used drugs in the last five years. But the report includes his high school and college experimentation with marijuana and LSD between 1970 to 1974.
It contains drama: In 1985, Jobs was threatened by an extortionist who claimed he’d set off bombs in the houses of “certain individuals” unless he got one million dollars.

The files also reveal Jobs’ high school GPA – a mediocre 2.65. 


Drop Acid, twist the truth and distort reality, don't spend your time studying, be hard working and driven in your company and be a visionary and you will be a very rich man who comes to the attention of the PRESIDENT OF YOUR COUNTRY