Therapy Group for Adults with ADD

Sachs Center Offers New Therapy Group for Adults with ADD

The Sachs Center, New York City's premiere ADD Treatment Center, announces new group therapy for men and women with ADHD/ADD.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) June 19, 2012 The Sachs Center’s new therapy group specifically targets adult men and women who want to improve their lives, but are hindered by ADD. The therapy group is uniquely designed to improve the executive functioning issues commonly affected by ADD. Problems with organization, time management, task completion and procrastination -- are fundamental to overcome to live a productive successful life.

Although there are various methods to group therapy, The Sachs Center has developed its own effective technique for long-term improvement. The group begins with an open-ended discussion between the therapist and participants. This includes a brief check-in to discuss possible challenges one has experienced with his/her life over the past week. The group vents about these various ADD challenges, but also recognizes that there is opportunity for improvement. The remaining time is then utilized by structured activities pertaining to skills that the group members wish to improve.

The relationship between therapy and productivity often goes unnoted. But for adults with ADD, group therapy may be the key to jump-starting a successful life. Research has shown that therapy can serve as a significant tool when managing the difficulties associated with ADD. Conquering these setbacks will not only help the individual, but may provide the skills necessary to improving one's life.

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a diagnosed behavioral disorder associated with impulsivity, inattentiveness and/or over-activity. Dealing with such behaviors is often found to be frustrating and discouraging for the affected individual. The Sachs Center of New York City understands these frustrations and is committed to providing effective support and treatment. Professional facilitation by a Sachs Center therapist helps participants explore their challenges with ADHD in a healthy environment.

The benefits of this group therapy for Adult ADD remain unparalleled. Participants are comforted knowing they are not alone when dealing with daily struggles and stressors. The presence of empathetic group members creates an environment conducive for self-evaluation, self-expression and self-revelation. As each individual looks within, they share their experiences with the rest of the group. This listening process enlightens participants with different perspectives that may have otherwise been unlearned. Moreover, discussing these ideas often leads to new discovery that the group, as whole, achieves. The group provides emotional safety within a close-knit group often leading to long-lasting friendships outside of therapy sessions.

A supportive therapy group is advantageous to one’s life. In daily life, he/she must keep track of responsibilities and delegate numerous tasks. Without correctly managing one’s ADHD, it may become increasingly difficult to carryout these duties in a timely manner. The Sachs Center’s Therapy Group for Adults with ADD offers adults an opportunity to discuss daily issues with people in similar situations and derive useful mastering techniques. Bouncing ideas off of each other allows group members to help each other flourish on a personal and business level.

The emotional distresses of ADD should not be permanent. Furthermore, they should not suffocate one’s life and career from thriving. The Sachs Center meshes therapy with coaching by allowing its participants to grow in a positive, rewarding environment.
To find out more about the Sachs Center’s new Therapy Group for Adults with ADD, visit us online at, or call to speak with a therapist about the Group: 646-807-8900.

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Sachs Center Offers New Therapy Group for Adults with ADD