Good Enough Is Perfect

Planning Your Time: When Good Enough Is Perfect

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Are you an adult with ADHD? Do you get overwhelmed by your To Do List or do you consider it just a useful tool? I hope that you fall in the later group. However, I know that for some The List, as I will refer to it, has an ominous power over them.

I am sure that you have heard or even said some of the following comments. “I have so many things on my list! I can’t talk now. I am crazy busy.” When you become overwhelmed by The List, remember that you created it. So, you can change it at any time. Really, you can.

To minimize the possibility of getting to this place of panic, try the following:schedule tasks far in advance of when they need to be completed estimate how much time each task will take set a date by which each task must be completed.

By “exposing” your tasks in this way you may find that your anxiety level actually goes down. Then to further reduce your anxiety, expect the unexpected. If you fail to do some tasks on your list, but you have given yourself enough time, you can fit them in another time.

Above all, remember what is important to you. Yes, sometimes you may fail to complete the items on your list. Ask yourself the question: “What will happen?” You might be surprised at the answer.

We all have different priorities. I am suggesting that you make a conscious choice in accordance with what is important to you. Maintain control of The List and do not let it control you.

Good enough is perfect, really. What if you do not get the last dust bunny?


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