Attenton Deficit Trait –- PowerPoint presentation


Attenton Deficit Trait – Why smart people under perform - PowerPoint presentation


cause: Brain overload

symptoms: Distractability, inner frenzy, impatience

result: Difficulty in staying organized, setting priorities, and managing time

As our minds fill with noise, the brain gradually loses its capacity to attend fully or thoroughly to anything

ADT sufferers

-fell a constant low level panic or guilt, facing a tidal wave of tasks they are curt, peremptory, and unfocused

- pretend everything is fine

- characterized by ADD's negative symptoms which include a tendency to procrastinate and miss deadlines

Executive Functioning (EF)

EF guides decision making and planning, the organization of information, time management and various other sophisticated, uniquely human management tasks

Fear shifts us into survival mode and thus prevents fluid learning and nuanced understanding

Working Environment

- companies demand fast thinking rather than deep thinking

- companies ask employees to work on multiple overlapping projects and initiatives resulting in second rate thinking.

- companies reward those who say yes to overload while punishing those who choose to say no and focus.

- companies force employees to do more and more with less and less by eliminating support staff.

- People rely on cell phones, email and digital assistants in the race to gather and transmit data, plans and ideas faster and faster.

How to Treat ADT

- no medicine needed

- it can be controlled by creatively engineering one's environment and one's emotional and physical health

- promote a positive environment

- to build a positive fear-free emotional atmosphere is important because emotion is the on/off switch for executive thinking

- an environment where people are in contact and where they trust and respect each other

- fostering connections and reducing fear promotes brain power.


- take physical care of your brain: sleep, diet, exercise.

- sleep deprivation endangers causing a host of problems from impaired decision making and reduced creativity to reckless behavior or paranoia.

- take mini-breaks - get up from your desk and walk up and down a flight of stairs

- take a minute for yourself

Organize for ADT by writing down in the evening no more than 5 priorities to attend to the next day.

OHIO Rule: Only handle it once

If you touch a document, act on it, file it or discard it.

If you start to feel overwhelmed, try mind tricks like completing a few easy tasks...

FACT: As demands continue to increase into a toxic, high pressure environment it leads to employee illness and turnover.

Work station:

- Clear your desk

- put things in their right place

-be orderly

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