Positive Aspects of ADHD

David Neelman (CEO and Founder of Jet Blue)

5 Things That YOU Can Do Better Than Anybody Else

Usually, ADHD symptoms are a list of ‘deficiencies’ that people ‘suffer’ from. This is a list of the quirks and gifts you can unlock to succeed.

Conventional Thinking on ADHD Symptoms

1. You lack focus
2. You don’t follow through on work projects
3. You are not as smart as other people  
4. You are disruptive and can’t be depended on
5. Your mind wanders off task

Positive traits of ADHD:   

1. You do not lack focus. (unless doing things that don’t interest you)
2. You don’t have staying power when it comes to following through. (you need to find that something special to work on)
Look to find something that empowers you, i.e., Don’t like to dance?  Spend time learning to swim instead. 
If your mind is telling you, you don’t like it. Listen.  Understand that things and people have to to be special to keep your interest.
Positive ADHD Symptoms:  
3. You are as smart as other people.  
You think differently.  Continue being hyper-focused on what interests you.You bring a different perspective to work.  
4. You are an innovator going beyond conventional thinking.
5.  Game-changing thoughts are generated by your visualizing of the big picture and thinking strategically.