Three Parts of the Mind

Three Parts of the Mind

Ancient philosophers and modern psychologists share the concept of a three-part mind with separate domains for thinking, feeling, and doing. The conative, or doing, part contains the striving instincts that drive a person's natural way of taking action, or modus operandi (M.O.). This is the unique set of innate strengths and talents every person has which remains unchanged from birth. Everyone has an equal amount of conative energy for engaging the thinking (cognitive) and feeling (affective) parts of the mind to produce purposeful action.    

How are Kolbe Indexes Different from Other Assessments?

Mental assessments look at different parts of the human mind. The Kolbe A™ Index is different because it is the only validated assessment of the conative part of the mind

Conation is action derived from instinct; purposeful mode of striving, volition. It is a conscious effort to carry out self-determined acts.

The Latin 'conatus', from which conation is derived, is defined as "any natural tendency, impulse, or directed effort."
Kolbe Wisdom™ and conation identify the nature of creative instincts and enable individuals to unleash the boundless power of their own natural instincts, their M.O.s (Modus Operandi), to:
  • Improve personal productivity
  • Enrich relationships
  • Become effective parents
  • Launch rewarding careers
Learn more about the history and theory behind the conative part of the mind.